Not all organic mattresses are created equally, in fact, Essentia harnesses the power of nature and takes it to the next level offering comfort and performance unlike any other mattress on the market which is why Essentia is the mattress of choice for athletes including over 25% of professional hockey players plus a Super Bowl Champ, Olympic Gold Medalists, and more!


Eliminates negative space between your body and the mattress for pressure relief that increases blood circulation

Proper spinal alignment is ensured by the natural hevea latex foam support core

Patented fast response foam reacts quickly to your body’s natural movements at night reducing sleep interruptions

No chemical flame retardants, poly foams, or toxic chemicals traditionally found in synthetic mattresses

Create a state of micro hibernation, naturally! Proven to sleep up to 7 degrees cooler than your internal body temperature over an 8-hour sleep cycle naturally. No cooling gels, phase changing chemicals or "cool touch" covers

I’m happy to say that I own one. And yes, in case you were wondering, it really is like sleeping on a soft, pillowy cloud of comfort. It is about as close as one can get to a nightly nirvana.
Ben Greenfield

Consumer Reports Recommends the Essentia Stratami Mattress!

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120 Night Sleep Trial

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20 Year Mattress Warranty





"When I first started working with professional athletes, I quickly realized that I was trusted with the key component to their healthy sleep environment. I developed and patented the Essentia mattress to create an unmatched sleep environment that triggers unmatched recovery.

In 2016, while training to compete in my first triathlon, along with all the benefits that Essentia sleep delivers, I also focused on my routine. Consistently going to sleep at the same time and was getting the right amount of performance sleep. For me, 8 hours a night on my Dormeuse was the sweet spot. I felt focused and more productive throughout my day. I used to feel that, as CEO, the hardest part of my day was being able to get every task accomplished and every email responded to. Soon after implementing and sticking to my sleep schedule, I found that it actually offered me the luxury of being more productive in a day, managing my time wisely, and getting more accomplished than ever before. 

As Ben Greenfield pointed out, the time in bed is important, but the quality of the sleep that bed provides is paramount to getting performance sleep. Essentia has consistently pushed the bounds of what healthy sleep means, making it more than just the certifications but focusing on performance sleep built to ensure the Essentia sleeper experiences restorative sleep on a safe sleep surface without the use of harmful chemicals found in synthetic mattresses. Being true to our Beyond Organic values, our old world methodologies are not easy but they are the right way to assure the purest possible outcome to preserve clean and healthy indoor air quality while achieving the highest recovery performance and sleep benefits ever.

Jack Dell'Accio, Founder & CEO of Essentia

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"Your physical, mental and emotional performance is all directly correlated to the quality of that time spent in that bed… and a big, big part of that quality is the surface you’re sleeping on: your mattress.⁠ 

Is there actually a durable, certified organic non-toxic mattress with no springs, no wool, 
organic cotton, and natural memory foam? Indeed, there is and it's made by Essentia.

Get a FREE Comfort Pillow ($150 Value) with your Lifestyle, Performance, or Wholebody Recovery mattress purchase*! 



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The Sickest Mattress You'll Ever Sleep On

Don't Believe Us? Let Matt Duchene Explain:



There's an Essentia mattress to fit every lifestyle and budget, all of them will ensure you'll operating at peak performance levels every day whether you're training, at a desk, or just want to show off during a friendly pickup game. Let Essentia help you make the best of your every day!

"As a professional hockey player, getting not only as much sleep as I can, but deep restful sleep is crucial in order to perform at my best. Since I got my new Essentia bed, every night, I fall asleep right away and I wake up so rested. Optimal sleep translates into optimal performance. Hands down, Essentia has the best mattress!"

Jonathan Toews

Chicago Blackhawks

"One key to success is proper recovery and my @essentia custom mattress helps my body get #NextLevelSleep"

Kevin Love

Cleveland Cavaliers

“I feel that most of my recovering from injuries happens while I sleep. Sleep (in my mind) is the most important part of recovery. That’s why I felt the need to search for the best mattress and I felt that the Essentia mattress was the best out there. I am definitely satisfied with the quality of sleep I have been getting.”

Max Pacioretty

Las Vegas Golden Knights

"I talk sports for a living. And, when I talk about the greats like Cristiano Ronaldo, Tom Brady, and Lebron James they all have things in common that help them be great. Some of which is understanding the importance of sleep and taking care of their bodies. Essentia mattresses score best in sleep and recovery outcomes."

Tony Marinaro
The Sick Podcast