Rise & Thrive® with
Beyond Organic® Sleep

What does it mean to thrive? Really thrive. To wake up every day not just rested, but resilient. Not just recharged, but ready for anything. And not just happier, but healthier – from bedtime to all the time. 

To thrive is to rise, without compromise.

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We're All EMF*D 😤

It's almost impossible to escape manmade EMFs today. This is a huge disruptor in your quest to perform at your peak. Through lab analysis of blood work with a collaborating institution, it has been identified that blood cells react to these synthetic EMF waves by grouping them in clusters, therefore, interrupting the natural oxygen flow in your body. 

Essentia is proud to introduce our proprietary EMF barrier foam formula. What this achieves, and that we have validated through blood work, is that the blood cells are not affected by the synthetic data waves from devices and data towers as they would without the Essentia EMF barrier formula. Blocking these synthetic waves promotes better blood cell patterns that allow more fluidity of oxygen flow.

Essentia's 7 Key Elements for Deep Sleep

Essentia organic mattresses are the only ones to score best on eliminating all sleep interrupting stimulants through Essentia's patented Beyond LatexTM organic foam technology.


Essentia’s patented molding technology allows for the organic foam to react quickly to movement and readapt to your body eliminating sleep interruptions.


Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam does more than simply cool, it actively pulls heat away from the body & through the mattress, allowing you to sleep cool all night.


There is no wool or fiber battling in any Essentia product, which eliminates the nesting ground that dust mites live & breed in. Thus less exposure to allergens.


Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam eliminates negative space for proper back support and your most comfortable sleep ever.


Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam eliminates pressure points & evenly distributes body weight allowing for oxygen & blood to flow more freely, this helps to eliminate numbness and soreness.


Essentia uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced organic components. Reducing VOC exposure so your body can stop fighting outside stimulants & spend time recovering from the day.


Radiation from 3G, 4G & 5G waves causes your blood cells to cluster. Essentia’s EMF barrier foam is proven to return your blood cells to their natural free-flowing state, which optimizes the oxygen flowing through the body improving your body’s nighttime recovery cycle & improving your sleep quality.


"My journey began after experiencing a family member’s battle with cancer, after being made aware of the toxins in everyday items we struggled to find a mattress that offered pressure relief and posture support without introducing toxins to the bedroom. I realized at that point how important this was not only for someone battling disease but also for healthy people.

That’s when Essentia was born, 19 years later and we’re more than just the world’s healthiest mattresses. Essentia has revolutionized sleep and how it impacts your environment. The frenzy of the bed-in-a-box has reached absurd heights today, yet nothing has changed as far as the health and wellness of the products being offered. This is where Essentia stands alone, providing products made with natural and organic components and unparalleled quality without compromise.

People everywhere have realized the importance of healthy, natural choices during the 16 hours they’re awake. With sleep as the foundation of wellness, we’re determined to fill that same need for the eight hours they’re asleep

Time in bed is important, but the quality of the sleep that the bed provides is paramount to getting performance sleep. Essentia has consistently pushed the bounds of what healthy sleep means, making it more than just the certifications but focusing on performance sleep built to ensure the Essentia sleeper experiences restorative sleep on a safe sleep surface without the use of harmful chemicals found in synthetic mattresses. Being true to our Beyond Organic values, our old world methodologies are not easy but they are the right way to assure the purest possible outcome to preserve clean and healthy indoor air quality while achieving the highest recovery performance and sleep benefits ever."

Jack Dell'Accio
Founder & CEO of Essentia

Step Inside Essentia's Certified Organic Factory & Learn About Our Beyond Organic® Standards

Take The Essentia ID Sleep Assessment

Developed and implemented with research from renowned professional sports phycologists and osteopaths, the Essentia ID sleep assessment will uncover your physical strengths and weaknesses by identifying your personality type, musculoskeletal type, muscular tensions, and weaknesses. The result is key information that helps us match you with the Essentia mattress model that will best address your specific sleep needs.


Unlike other brands, our Beyond Latex™ organic foam is not a memory foam made from polyurethane (a petrochemical & type of plastic) but rather our GOLS certified organic latex foam is considered a slow response latex foam. The number one reason we sought to recreate an organic version of memory foam was to create a clean sleep environment and protect Essentia sleepers from the VOCs that emit from chemical-based foams.


Rise & Thrive® with
Beyond Organic® Sleep

What does it mean to thrive? Really thrive. To wake up every day not just rested, but resilient. Not just recharged, but ready for anything. And not just happier, but healthier – from bedtime to all the time. 

To thrive is to rise, without compromise.

Essentia's organic mattresses packed with patented technology are the key to hacking your sleep naturally! Take control of your sleep environment so you experience deep REM sleep cycles, putting you on the path to perform at your peak.


Let's Talk Health:
Featuring Brian & Anna Maria Clement and special guest Jack Dell'Accio, Essentia Founder & CEO

"We need to prioritize our sleep environment if we want to truly sleep well. That’s where the Essentia mattress comes in—as someone who had back surgery, I find it’s the perfect balance of support and softness. I also run hot and Essentia has a chemical-free cooling core that provides the best environment for deep, restorative sleep. They’re organic, non-toxic, and super comfortable, so you can’t go wrong."

Dr. Mark Hyman

Founder of The UltraWellness Center, Practicing Physician, Leader in Functional Medicine & Bestselling Author.

Essentia Rise & Thrive The Podcast Featuring Dr. Mark Hyman

Essentia's Award Winning Organic Mattresses

The first episode of Essentia: Rise & Thrive the podcast saw Jack Dell'Accio, Essentia CEO & Founder, and our moderator Whitney Lauritsen host Dr. Mark Hyman for a conversation about stimulants that affect our sleep, including food stimulants!


Essentia’s organic lifestyle mattresses are the core of Essentia, and where we believe truly healthy sleep begins! 

These mattresses are Certified Organic, offer amazing Posture Support, and are Allergy Friendly as they are impervious to dust mites as reported by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Outperforming any other latex or organic mattress on the market, you won't find a full organic foam mattress, with NO SPRINGS, at this value! Using only high-density organic foams, Essentia mattresses are extremely durable. 

The Essentia Stratami has been ranked the #1 Foam Mattress by Consumer Reports for 7 consecutive years!


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Meet Essentia's NEW REM5 & REM9 Performance Mattresses

Essentia’s certified organic performance mattresses feature new organic latex foam formulas to help you experience truly rejuvenating sleep. Essentia believes there is nothing more powerful than the body’s own ability to heal itself physically and mentally, these performance mattresses are proven to help you do just that!

These performance mattresses feature our new activated quartz organic foam for enhanced Active Cooling up to 9 degrees at night, as well as the option to upgrade your foam to include Essentia’s EMF Protection.


Increase Your Deep Sleep by 20% to 60%

The key to hacking your sleep is to increase your deep sleep, and you can accomplish this with Essentia organic performance mattresses! 

A double-blind sleep study of 75 professional athletes shows Essentia as the clear key to performance sleep with some athletes experiencing up to 60% more time spent in Deep Sleep cycles!