What does it mean to thrive? Really thrive. To wake up every day not just rested, but resilient. Not just recharged, but ready for anything. And not just happier, but healthier – from bedtime to all the time. To thrive is to rise, without compromise.

Essentia's organic mattresses packed with patented technology are the key to hacking your sleep naturally! Take control of your sleep environment so you experience deep REM sleep cycles, putting you on the path to perform at your peak.

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"Getting good sleep is both an art and a science – yet the overwhelming majority of people have trouble sleeping, even those who have mastered every other aspect of their lives. Even if you had time to sleep an entire 8 hours a night, would it be optimal, uninterrupted sleep? Would you wake up feeling 100% refreshed? Essentia has created a  performance sleep mattress packed with patented technology, creating a sleep environment that encourages deep REM sleep cycles for truly rejuvenating sleep."

Dave Asprey
NY Times Best Selling Author & 
CEO of Bulletproof 360

We're All EMF*D 😤

It's almost impossible to escape manmade EMFs today. This is a huge disruptor in your quest to perform at your peak. Through lab analysis of blood work with a collaborating institution, it has been identified that blood cells react to these synthetic EMF waves by grouping them in clusters, therefore, interrupting the natural oxygen flow in your body. 

Essentia is proud to introduce our proprietary EMF barrier foam formula. What this achieves, and that we have validated through blood work, is that the blood cells are not affected by the synthetic data waves from devices and data towers as they would without the Essentia EMF barrier formula. Blocking these synthetic waves promotes better blood cell patterns that allow more fluidity of oxygen flow.


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The Essential Keys To Biohacking Your Sleep

Deep dive into the essential key elements of sleep. Explore the science behind each element and how it helps put you in control of your sleep environment.

Upgrade your sleep environment so you experience superhuman sleep for increased productivity, better workouts, more capacity to handle stress, and the ultimate goal of living longer


Allergen Elimination

Reduced Sleep Interruptions

EMF Protection

Pain & Support Management

Optimized Micro Hibernation

Zero Indoor Air Toxins


"When I first started working with professional athletes, I quickly realized that I was trusted with the key component to their healthy sleep environment. I developed and patented the Essentia mattress to create an unmatched sleep environment that triggers unmatched recovery.

In 2016, while training to compete in my first triathlon, along with all the benefits that Essentia sleep delivers, I also focused on my routine. Consistently going to sleep at the same time and was getting the right amount of performance sleep. For me, 8 hours a night on my Dormeuse was the sweet spot. I felt focused and more productive throughout my day. I used to feel that, as CEO, the hardest part of my day was being able to get every task accomplished and every email responded to. Soon after implementing and sticking to my sleep schedule, I found that it actually offered me the luxury of being more productive in a day, managing my time wisely, and getting more accomplished than ever before. 

Time in bed is important, but the quality of the sleep that bed provides is paramount to getting performance sleep. Essentia has consistently pushed the bounds of what healthy sleep means, making it more than just the certifications but focusing on performance sleep built to ensure the Essentia sleeper experiences restorative sleep on a safe sleep surface without the use of harmful chemicals found in synthetic mattresses. Being true to our Beyond Organic values, our old world methodologies are not easy but they are the right way to assure the purest possible outcome to preserve clean and healthy indoor air quality while achieving the highest recovery performance and sleep benefits ever."

Jack Dell'Accio
Founder & CEO of Essentia

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Andy O'Brien, Director of Sports Science Quartexx Hockey, On The Optimal Sleep For Athletes & High Performers.

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Developed and implemented with research from renowned professional sports phycologists and osteopaths, the Essentia ID sleep assessment will uncover your physical strengths and weaknesses by identifying your personality type, musculoskeletal type, muscular tensions, and weaknesses. The result is key information that helps us match you with the Essentia mattress model that will best address your specific sleep needs.